Thursday, 19 February 2009


I'm 20 weeks pregnant today, which marks the halfway point in this pregnancy. I definitely feel pregnant now. My bump is quite pronounced and I look much bigger than 20 weeks. Mark is away on business at the moment, but I will ask him to take a photo of me at the weekend so I can show you my rapidly expanding waistline.

I finally started to lose the nausea and constant lack of energy about 2 weeks ago. I'd probably be feeling pretty normal now if it weren't for the fact that I have a horrible cough that wakes me up at night. This, coupled with the fact that Lily has started waking up several times a night, means I'm not getting much sleep at the moment and I'm feeling pretty wiped out. Still, good practice for when the baby arrives I suppose! Despite the cough and lack of sleep, I am feeling much better than I have been and am actually able to do simple things like make breakfast without retching, which I haven't been able to do for some months! The house is looking much better as I'm now keeping on top of the tidying and laundry. The Podlings are also reaping the benefit as I am now finding the energy to do crafts and things with them again.

Whilst Tom remains uninterested in the proceedings, Lily is quite fascinated with the baby and frequently talks to my stomach, strokes it and gives it kisses. She has decided it is a 'girl baby', so I hope she won't be disappointed if a boy shows up! When I was expecting Lily I had a very strong feeling that I was having a girl, but I don't really have any feelings either way this time. It just means I'll have to wash both boy and girl newborn clothes before the baby arrives. Ugh...more laundry!

I'm looking forward to my next and final ultrasound scan next week, particularly as the 20 week scan is longer than the early scan. It is so wonderful being able to see your baby moving around. I'm praying that the scan will show that all is well with the baby and hopefully I'll have a nice scan picture to share on Thursday.

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Quidam_Ela said...

Halfway already? :S Where did the time go?

I'm glad you are feeling better - the nausea hung around quite a well for this one!

Looking forward to the scan pictures!