Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Snow fun

Lily preparing to launch a snowball

Mark was working from home yesterday, but he took a break just before lunch so we could all go in the garden and play in what was left of the snow. We don't have any more snow forecast, so we thought we'd better take advantage of what was left before it all disappeared. We had snowball fights, made footprints, tried to revive our ailing snowman, built snowcastles with buckets and spades and basically had a lot of fun. We did, however, have to stop intermittently to redress Tom, who persisted in removing his coat and gloves as soon as he was out of grabbing range. I don't know what that boy has against wearing clothes at the moment!

Making snowballs for the Podlings.
I'm doing a passable impression of the Michelin Man in my snow coat here! Am I pregnant, or did I just eat all the pies? I hate being cold, so I chose warmth over vanity!

Prepare to be pelted

Making snowcastles with Daddy

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