Friday, 20 February 2009

Look Ma, no hands!

We had the water colour paints out this morning. Lily had been painting happily for about twenty minutes when she spontaneously put the paintbrush in her mouth and started painting her hand (we'd been doing hand prints). I encouraged her to have a go at painting using just her mouth and she seemed to find this highly diverting. I think it is good for children to try new ways of doing things and she certainly enjoyed the novelty of it.

Getting the brush wet

Mouth painting

My craft posts tend to have lots of pictures of Lily (because she actually does them!). Tom only joined in the painting for about three minutes before going to play with his trains. Just to prove that he does join in sometimes, I thought I'd share a picture of him with the play dough I got out after we'd put the paints away.
Building up a little collection of play dough "worms".

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