Sunday, 22 February 2009


Mark is quite passionate about recycling. I have actually seen this man taking the tabs off tea bags in order to recycle the card! He once took a survey that told him that if everyone on Earth lived his lifestyle, it would take 11 'Earths' to sustain us all (due to all the travelling he does on business) and I think he feels the need to offset his impact in some way! We go to the recycling centre most weekends with our plastic, card and Tetrapak, but the ones we usually go to do not allow children to get out of the car. Since the Podlings are quite interested in the whole recycling thing, Mark drove us out to a small recycling point 18 miles away so the children could get out and take part (though arguably the mileage offset the benefit of recycling this week!) They had a wonderful time helping Daddy put the recycling in the right containers, though Tom soon retired to the car complaining about the cold. Lily sensibly asked to have her coat put on and helped Mark until every piece of cardboard had been individually posted into the correct container. It took much longer than our usual visits, but the Podlings enjoyed it and we feel we are encouraging good habits for the future. Shame the bottom has fallen out of the recycling market, it sort of makes the whole exercise rather pointless really!

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