Thursday, 3 April 2008

Poorly baby

I haven't had much time for blogging for a nearly a fortnight. Last week we had a lovely visit from my mum and dad. I loved having them here with us and I miss them dreadfully already. Devon seems so far away...I wish they lived right down the road and could pop over for coffee a couple of times a week. I keep dropping hints, but no dice! They went home on Sunday, but not before I had picked Mum's brains on various subjects including dressmaking, cooking, patchworking and knitting. I had quite an education from her last week!

Unfortunately, the little lady took ill yesterday and has been quite sick. She couldn't even keep liquids down yesterday, but managed to eat a little scrambled egg and some yoghurt today. Unfortunately, it went straight through her and she still has a temperature, so she is far from well. Lily's sickness coincides with one of Mark's foreign business trips, so I'm here on my own with them at the moment. Thankfully, Tom is well, so I only have one sick baby to tend to.

It would seem that Lily's pink teddy bear has succumbed to the same illness as her owner. I came in from the kitchen yesterday morning to find that Piglet (she named the bear herself) had her head in Lily's sick bowl and appeared to be quite unwell! Thankfully the bowl was empty at the time. I just had to take a photo!

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Matthew said...

Poor Lily, I hope for her sake (and yours) that she gets better soon!