Thursday, 17 April 2008

An afternoon tea party

This afternoon, after nap time, the Podlings and I assembled the tent that their Uncle Ryan and Auntie Gill gave them for Christmas and had a little tea party inside it. For our eatables, I put together a plate of Jammie Dodgers (on offer at Tesco this week), Smarties and some homemade double chocolate mini-muffins (Lily is addicted to these at the moment).

I dug out a few pieces of the china tea set I had as a little girl and we used apple juice for tea. However, although we started off with this tea set...

....we ended up with this one:

Frankly, my nerves weren't up to watching a three year old and a not-quite-two year old gamely bashing my precious china tea set around! I had forgotten how pretty my old tea set was though, so it is now adorning the mantelpiece in the family room.

The Podlings and I had a lovely afternoon, though I had A LOT of apple juice to mop off the carpet when we finished. Their pouring skills need work!
The cup that cheers

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