Friday, 25 April 2008

Daddy's girl

I took this picture of Lily and her daddy yesterday evening and I just love it. Lily will happily go anywhere with Mark, unlike Tom who has always been reluctant to leave my side. Mark took Lily to the bank with him on Friday and she has been talking about it ever since, so Mark has said he will try and take her out more often. I think he is secretly quite chuffed, but wouldn't admit it aloud!

Notice anything different about Lily in the picture? That's right, I've finally got her hair in pigtails...

Doesn't she look adorable! I have been wanting to do this for ages, but she doesn't like me even brushing her hair so I thought she wouldn't let me. To my surprise, she not only let me do it she also kept them in! She seems really pleased with her pigtails and I had to keep lifting her up so she could look in the mirror. We tell her it's her 'princess hair', which seems to be a good incentive to wear them. I put them in again this morning and they stayed in until lunchtime, when I took them out before her nap. I'm so pleased...I've been waiting for so long to put my little girl's hair up!

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