Saturday, 5 April 2008

"Is something burning?"

The carnage

"Is something burning?". The immortal words of my husband as he came downstairs to find me waving the lid of our steriliser and blowing on it to put out the flames! With Lily still under the weather, we thought it wise to gather up all her dummies and sterilise them. I had taken the steriliser out of the microwave, taken the lid off and plonked it on the hob, which I often use as an extra 'flat surface' when not in use. Unbeknownst to me, someone (who shall remain nameless, but lets just say he stood next to me at the altar when I got married!) had neglected to turn off the gas earlier in the evening. I, of course, didn't realise this until I wandered back into the kitchen and thought 'That sounds like fire!'. I turned to see the lid in flames and melting happily all over my nice clean hob. Having extinguished the flames, I then stood there dumbly inhaling the fumes before sense took over and I remembered that plastic fumes are toxic (and I'm a polymer chemist by training!). Commence much opening of windows and doors! No harm was done, but we are going to need a new steriliser when, God willing, we next expand our family!

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Fi said...

He's got form with fire, Paula! Ask him about the candles, dressing gown and mad dash down the stairs! (I know his response will be along the lines of at least I never set fire to a fume hood!) Glad no harm was done, well apart from to the steriliser.