Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Lamentations of a would-be dressmaker

I'm beginning to think that I'm never going to be able to finish the dress I am making. On Saturday, you may remember, I went to sew my dress and discovered I had been sent the wrong thread. I was able to pick up some thread on Sunday, so last night I got my sewing machine out again and planned to do some dressmaking. Then we had a power cut! The power cut itself lasted less than five seconds and the lights came right back on. It was enough, however, to trip the fuses for all the upstairs and downstairs power sockets. Naturally, this happened when Mark was attending a work-related ball in London, so I was by myself. I had a look in the fuse box, but was completely thrown by the contents. I've dealt with it many times when the lights have blown, but the arrangement for the power sockets seemed completely different. I rang my mum for advice and for moral support while I switched off the mains power and switched it on again (a sort of 'reboot' approach!). I figured if I electrocuted myself she could call an ambulance! We didn't have any luck, so I rang Mark to give him the news. I was concerned as I have two freezers full of food, which I didn't want to spoil. I went to bed expecting trouble in the morning when I couldn't heat up the Podlings' milk quickly enough. I was surprised how dark it was with Mark's radio alarm clock not working.

I woke up at three in the morning and noticed the display on the alarm clock flashing. Mark had got home shortly before and gone straight to the fuse box and fixed the problem. He then loaded a few things into the dishwasher and programmed it for me, so I wouldn't have to do it when I got up. I am so blessed to have a husband who thinks of doing something like that for his wife at three in the morning! I'm still none the wiser as to how to fix the fuse if it happens again, so I've asked Mark to show me what he did.

No harm was done, but I was so frustrated at being thwarted in my attempts at dressmaking yet again. Mark has another business dinner to go to this evening, so I'm going to make a cup of tea and a bite to eat and then, if that revives my tired frame, I'm going to have another go at the dress. Maybe it will be third time lucky!

"Quilting" by Caroyn Watson


Diane said...

Hi Paula,

I fyou have an old fashion fuse box with wires my advice is to get it changed to a modern one, they are so much easier especially for us women who hate electrics a flick of a switch and it is all sorted.
Love Aunty Di

Paula said...

Hi Aunty Diane,

I don't think our box has wires. Mark showed me how to fix the problem and it was embarassingly simple. Guess my talents lie in other areas!

I love that you left a comment on here by the way. I get such a kick out of comments!

Hope everyone is well.