Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Sunday - Time for tea

We had a lovely tea this afternoon, which gave me a great excuse to use the new cake stands I acquired from my favourite antiques and collectibles emporium last week. We all had a lovely meal, though we didn't work out how to divide up the bunny on the cake. We've decided to cut slices around the bunny and leave him on a little island of cake (our very own Easter island you might say!), then we'll work out what to do with him. Lily thinks she should have him!

During tea, I was explaining to the Podlings that we were having a special tea to celebrate Jesus. I find explaining theology to toddlers quite challenging, but some of it must be sinking in. Lily looked at me and said "Jesus. Talk to Jesus". Quite impressed, I smiled at her and said "That's right Lily, we can talk to Jesus whenever we want to. What would you like to say to Jesus?". Without missing a beat, she replied "Bye!". Well, at least it's a start!

Mark has his 'she's got the cake stands out again' face on in this picture!

As it was a special occasion, I let Tom use the Peter Rabbit plate given to me my by Godfather when I was a child.

The results of our biscuit decorating endeavors

The chocolate nests I made last night.

I asked Lily to 'smile for Mummy' and this is what I got. She's wearing her second dress of the day!

Lily enjoying some of my tea

Yours truly, with my beloved three-tier cake stand

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Catherine said...

Hi Paula! I enjoyed reading about your lovely Easter. I hope you enjoy your parents' visit!