Sunday, 9 March 2008

Some holiday pictures...

Chiemsee in Germany

I have now caught up with most of the housework and have finally found some time to upload a few of our holiday pictures. Better late than never! We don't have too many 'scenery' shots this time because we have been on holiday in this region a couple of times before and already have lots of pictures of it. The awesome beauty of the Alps never fails to enthral me though and I just love this part of the world. I will never tire of holidaying here!

Tom and Lily on the balcony of our hotel

Lily was completely obsessed with these deer in the foyer of our hotel. We had to take it turns taking her down to see them...frequently! She named them Daddy, Tom and Lily.

"For goodness' sake, I'll drive!".
We were taking too long to load the car one day, so Lily climbed
into the driver's seat and tried to take matters into her own hands!

We stopped on a drive to take some photos and let Tom get out of the car. He loved the snow and thought it was hilarious when his Grandad threw a snowball down his Daddy's neck!

Mum and Dad P. They really made this holiday for us. We loved being on holiday with them and it wouldn't have been much fun without them.

Mark in the snow. This man will drive miles for a glimpse of the white stuff. He's not happy unless he's standing in it!

Neuschwanstein castle. This is the most fabulous fairytale castle in Bavaria. It's the one you see in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, in case you're interested. We took a ride in a horse and carriage up to the castle, which Lily thought was wonderful.

I was there too, though there aren't many pictures of me. I'm a little windswept in this one!


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