Friday, 29 February 2008

Life, laundry and the pursuit of tidiness

Sorry folks, I promise to post some holiday pictures soon, but I have to get my house under control first. It took seven wash loads (SEVEN!) to do all the washing from the holiday, and that doesn't include the 'hand wash' load I still have to do. I've got folded laundry all over the house and an enormous pile of ironing to do. The house is a complete disaster looks like it was the epicentre of the earthquake we had earlier this week (which we slept through by the way!). Suffice to say, blogging is way down on the priority list this week!

In case you were wondering, the children and I are all now healthy again after our sickness last week (Tom went down with it on the Monday we were travelling home), but it does look like Mark might be coming down with it, so I may be looking after another patient this weekend. I'll post some pictures when things have returned to 'normal' round here.

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