Saturday, 23 February 2008

Alpine greetings

In case you were wondering why I haven't posted for a week, it's because we're on holiday in the Alps. We flew out last Friday and will be travelling home on Monday. I wouldn't normally post on holiday, but little Lily is very poorly today, so I've stayed in the hotel with her while she sleeps. Mark, Tom and Mark's parents have gone out to get something to eat and to keep a very noisy little boy from disturbing his sick sister. I was rather unwell myself yesterday, but I seem to have got over it quickly. I'm praying Lily will too.

We have had a lovely time up until the onset of disease. We had three days in Berchtesgaden, staying in what is quite probably the best hotel in the world. We stayed in the Hotel Alpenhof for the first time during our honeymoon tour and this was our third visit. It was such a relaxing place to spend a few days. We then travelled to Vienna as Mark had a business meeting there. We took the Podlings to Vienna zoo while Mark was in his meeting and they had a fabulous time. Lily loved the giraffes and Tom was highly amused by the penguins. Tom got a bit frightened when a rather large orangutan took a charge at him and smacked into the glass of its cage right in front of where Tom was standing. He got over it quickly though and was rather excited when he found an abandoned toy car tucked under a bench in the penguin house. In fact, I think he had more enjoyment out of the car than the animals! For Lily, it was very much all about the animals and she loved every minute of it.

We are now in Innsbruck, but haven't really had a chance to explore the area between my being sick yesterday and Lily today. We still have tomorrow to look around if Lily is better though. I will post more pictures from our holiday when we get home. At least, I will if I can take time out from the laundry. Our washing machine is going to take such a hammering when we get home!

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