Monday, 4 February 2008

Broken eggs


I completely ran out of eggs at the weekend, so we popped out to the shops yesterday and bought half a dozen. Later that evening when I went to fetch them from the car, the box of eggs tumbled out of the carrier bag and fell with a decided crunch on the driveway. Amazingly, only one of the eggs smashed completely, but all of the eggs were cracked so I needed to use them up today or throw them away. My family have done quite well out of my clumsiness as I made a Victoria sponge cake and a batch of cocoa courgette muffins with four of the eggs. The remaining egg I fried and had for my tea this evening. Unfortunately, Mark is away on business today and won't be back until tomorrow, so I had nobody to 'come to tea' with me this evening. Looks pretty though doesn't it!

Incidentally, I know you are probably thinking "Courgettes in a muffin...ewwww!", but I assure you they are delicious. You don't taste the courgette at all and it's a great way of getting extra vitamins into the Podlings. In fact, they were one of the few things that Tom actually ate today. I'm just hoping that Mark tries one before he reads this post, because if he knows there are courgettes in the muffins, he won't eat them!

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