Friday, 21 March 2008

Easter baskets - Part 2

When we were on holiday in the Alps a couple of weeks ago, Mark bought these colourful hand-dyed eggs which he thought the children would enjoy. My mother-in-law carefully wrapped them in tissue and they made it home undamaged. I wanted to display the eggs in some way, as they are too fragile for the Podlings to play with. The baskets are the same style as the ones I used to make the Podlings' Easter baskets. I simply made some little nests out of raffia and placed the eggs on them, then tied some ribbon bows on the handles. I think they look adorable! The larger basket is now adorning my kitchen window sill and the smaller basket is in the dining room. The Podlings can look but not touch, which is good as Lily wants to get her hands on these eggs in the worst way!

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