Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Sunday

We had a lovely day today. We went to church this morning, but we were running a bit late, so ended up having to sit at the the front. This is a BAD thing when you have to keep two toddlers quiet and still for a long service. At least when you are at the back, you don't feel like the eyes of the whole congregation are watching your children as they get increasingly bored and fidgety! Plus, you always have the option of taking them outside when you are near the door. The Podlings did very well for the first hour, but as the service stretched towards 90 minutes they had had enough of sitting still. As much as I enjoyed the service, I was glad when it was over and we could let the Podlings walk around and make noise again!

After church, we came home and had some lunch. We gave the Podlings their Easter baskets as their 'pudding', which they loved. I don't think many of the eggs survived! We put the children down for nap time (Lily taking her new rabbit to bed with her) and then Mark and I relaxed for an hour with a cup of tea and some our own chocolate eggs. I even got to read some of my book before Lily woke up with a bee in her bonnet about something.

When the Podlings came downstairs, we did some biscuit decorating with them. I had baked some egg-shaped biscuits of Friday with this activity in mind. The children love this activity, though Tom usually eats more of the decorations than he puts on the biscuits! Mark is usually at work when we do this sort of thing, so he doesn't usually get to share the fun. Today, he got to decorate a biscuit of his very own and I have shared a picture of his efforts for posterity!

After they had decorated all the biscuits, Mark took the children outside to play while I got the tea ready. Can you believe it was actually snowing while they were playing outside. Sing it with me, "I'm dreaming of a white Easter...."!

Yes, I'm afraid that is Lily's best dress. Yes, the icing washed out okay!

Tom showing the best location for sprinkles when biscuit decorating is, in fact, your face!

Mark's very lovely Easter biscuit

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