Thursday, 20 March 2008

Easter baskets - Part 1

Lily's basket

I made the Podlings' Easter baskets this evening. I kept them small and simple on the grounds that I don't really have a lot of time to do anything more elaborate! I bought these mini baskets from Hobbycraft a couple of weeks ago and used ribbon and flowers from my craft supplies. The little rabbits are just so cute and are holding little flowers with "Bee Happy" stitched on them next to a little embroidered bee (a bit corny, but still cute!). I picked them up from our local shop when I popped out to buy juice the other day. The rabbits are surrounded by little foil covered chocolate eggs. I decided not to give too much chocolate to the Podlings this Easter as they usually get lots from other family members and it lasts us for months! Instead, I made two little book vouchers on the computer (apologies for the photo), which I rolled up and tucked behind the rabbits in their baskets. I know neither of my children can read, but Tom is old enough to understand what it means and I enjoy making these things.

Tom's basket

Tom's book voucher (Lily has one with pink type). It says: "This voucher allows you to choose a book from Mummy and Daddy when we next go to the book shop.

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