Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day

The Podlings always look forward to Valentine's Day. I've been laid low with a cold this week, so we didn't do lots of Valentine's crafts like we normally do, but I did have some lovely treats waiting for them in the morning and we still had our Valentine's tea in the afternoon. For their Valentine's treat, I gave them each a mug with hearts all over them and half filled them with chocolate coins. I then put a cookie pop, a packet of love hearts and some Thornton's strawberry hearts in the mug and placed a single chocolate rose alongside. A lacy table cloth (with hearts of course) and a pot of flowers later and it all looks rather lovely for them to come down to.

I made a raspberry jelly, some chocolate chip cookies and Valentine's krispie cakes over the day and after school, the girls and I made pink heart-shaped fairy cakes. Lily and Emma decorated them with pink icing, Love Hearts and sprinkles. Tom isn't really into baking these days, so he was busy doing other things. Once the cakes were finished we laid out a simple party tea and we enjoyed a lovely Valentine's tea together.

Our Valentine's tea

Pink, heart-shaped fairy cakes, made by Lily and Emma

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