Sunday, 16 February 2014


"A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014"

Tom, this week you enjoyed watching trailers for 'The Lego Movie' with your sisters, in anticipation of our trip to see the movie next week. That and playing Angry Birds of LOVE Angry Birds!

Lily, this week you really loved playing with the toy you bought from eBay last week. Your despair at finding the toy had not arrived when you got home from school, followed by your unbounded joy when it turned out that the post was just very late that day are so typical of your roller coaster personality!

Emma, this week you slept in a BIG bed for the very first time! Your toddler bed had grown so uncomfortable and a move to a single bed was long overdue. You love your new bed and its pretty covers and canopy. Now you can't wait for Lily to move in with you!

Podling Number 4 ( 27 weeks pregnant), this week you continue to wriggle, stretch and kick a lot. Your brother and sisters love to feel you move. You seem to be awake more than you are asleep, although that's probably just my imagination! You are by far the most active baby I have carried, though what that means for your little personality we have yet to discover. Keep growing little one!

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Ruth said...

Yay us, Angry Birds are from Finland ;) Cute little portraits!