Friday, 7 February 2014

A Little Party

To celebrate Emma's week as her class Star of the Week, we had a little Star of the Week party for tea last night. This is something I always did with Tom and Lily and I knew Emma would love it too. Over the day I made some gingerbread biscuits in the shapes of stars, teddies and little girls with big smiles. Emma requested the little girl with a big smile biscuits because she was awarded the Star of the Week for coming into school with a big smile. She has been showing her daddy and me her big smile all week and it is so wonderful to see her going into school happily.

When Emma got home from school, we made star-shaped fairy cakes and she and Lily decorated them with yellow icing and lots of sprinkles. We had lots of lovely party foods and used Tom's star blanket as a table cloth. Emma kept coming over to me during her party, giving me kisses and saying 'thank you'. She's so sweet!

Emma has loved being Star of the Week and has taken the bear to bed with her each night. I know she wasn't looking forward to taking him back to school, so I was really surprised that we didn't have tears this morning. Other than a slightly pouty 'It's not fair!' as we left the house, she was fine. You'll always be my little Star Emma!

Making fairy cakes

Emma's Star of the Week party

The gingerbread biscuits I made for Emma's little party

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