Sunday, 23 February 2014


'A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014'

I didn't do very well for photos this week. Throughout half term we had at least one member of the household sick every day and somehow, despite my parents being here and us having an enjoyable time together, the camera hardly came out. This photo of the Podlings at the Lego Movie will have to suffice for week eight.

Tom, this week you: 
  • Loved seeing the Lego Movie!
  • Finally got to try the strawberry glaze doughnut you have been looking for since last October.
  • Have been suffering from a sore throat most nights this week, but seem to have avoided the worst of the illnesses that have been going through the family. You never make a fuss when you are ill though, so it is impossible to know quite how rough you have been feeling.
  • Were so sweet when we went shopping with Nanny and Grandad. When Nanny told you you could pick out a toy from the store, all you wanted was a 79p pack of pencils and rubbers, "Can I have these pencils because I like drawing?". You are not remotely materialistic and I love that about you.
  • Had a great time at Jacob's party on Friday and couldn't believe how fast the two hours had flown by when we came to pick you up.

Lily, this week you: 

  • Have loved being home for half term.
  • Loved crafting this week and made some pom pom caterpillars, pom pom jewelry, sewed a felt purse (with lovely neat stitches) and did a lot of drawing and writing.
  • Have been singing 'Everything is Awesome' a lot!
  • Loved playing with Flash. You two are such good friends.
  • Told me that Jacob's party was the best party you have ever been to!
  • Were very sick with a stomach bug on Saturday, but bounced right back on Sunday like you always do. You have the fastest recovery time from illness of anyone I know!

Emma, this week you:
  • Had a bad case of conjunctivitis and hated having your eye ointment put in. You tried to be very brave about it though.
  • Used a real needle and thread for the first time and loved making a pom pom tiara and necklace. You didn't prick your finger once!
  • Did real sewing for the first time and made a felt purse with a little help from me. You did really well at following my instructions. You are so patient and a joy to teach.
  • Have loved playing with the dogs and having your grandad to play with.
  • Loved Jacob's party and the first thing you told me when you awoke the morning after was that you wanted to go again! You were very brave when your favourite balloon animal unravelled and didn't cry at all.

Podling Number 4 (28 weeks pregnant), this week I had a midwife's appointment and got to hear your heartbeat again. Daddy was able to come to this appointment, so heard your heartbeat for the first time. You were head up at the appointment, but you are such a wriggler it is anyone's guess which way up you are now! You are measuring spot on for your dates, but because Tom and Emma measured small for gestational age I will need to have some growth scans to keep an eye on you. The midwife doesn't think you will be small though and I am glad I will get a chance to see you again before you are born. Nanny was very pleased to be able to feel you kick this week.

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