Sunday, 9 February 2014


"A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014"
Tom, this week you:
  • Fell over and bruised your hand at school. It actually hurt enough that you consented to take Calpol.
  • Were extremely excited to earn enough coins on your Nyan cat game to get the pumpkin skin pack you so desperately wanted.
  • Have been brilliant by now carrying your own school bag to and from school all the time. Such a big help to Mummy!
  • Have drawn lots of pictures and been designing a Star Wars version of your Tackle Fire creations.

Lily, this week you:
  • Have been really enjoying David Attenborough's Planet Earth documentaries and were excited to share the jungle documentary with your class for your rainforest topic.
  • Agonised over whether or not to share a room with your sister or keep your own room. It's been really tough for you, but you finally came to a decision.
  • Had fun helping Emma decorate cakes for her Star of the Week party.
  • Discovered the thrills and spills of bidding for a toy on eBay. Asking us to check regularly to see if anyone else had bid on it, counting down the minutes and literally jumping around the room in excitement when you won the auction!

Emma, this week you:
  • Loved every minute of being Star of the Week.
  • Fell over and badly grazed your knee on the way home from school.
  • Sneaked into our room and slept in our bed every single night!
  • Have been really cheerful going into school every morning. You really seem to have turned a corner!

Podling Number 4 (26 weeks pregnant, so no picture yet obviously!), this week you:
  • Should be opening your eyes for the first time.
  • Are approximately 35 cm long and weigh around 760g.
  • Continue to be incredibly active. You are far more active than your brother and sisters were!

A Note:

I've just come across the 52 Week Project concept. The idea is that you take a portrait of your child or children once a week, every week of the year. The pictures can take can take any form, the idea is to just have a weekly record. I think it is such a lovely idea that I wanted to do it myself. I'm not sure whether I have the staying power to see it through, but I hope that if nothing else it will make me do at least one blog post every week! Obviously I'm coming rather late to the party, joining in in week 6, but 'better late than never' I always say!

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