Tuesday, 25 February 2014

28 Week Scan

28 week ultrasound scan of Podling Number 4. I can't wait to kiss that adorable button nose!

Because Tom and Emma were considered small for gestational age, I have been booked in for a series of growth scans for this baby. I had my 28 week scan today and to my delight they also allowed Tom, Lily and Emma to come in to the scan room as well. They were all thrilled to be able to see their baby brother/ sister on the screen and Lily was particularly fascinated. Tom was somewhat distracted by the fact that my belly button currently disappears when I lie down. He got slightly concerned when Emma came next to the couch and warned her, "Emma! Don't touch that blue jelly! Your belly button will disappear!" He thought it was the gel they spread on your abdomen that made it flatten out until I explained that it is just because the baby is stretching me and that my belly button will come back after the baby is born!

I am so thrilled that they were able to see the baby as I feel it was an important bonding experience for them. Emma took more of it in than I realised when she told me later that we saw the baby's head, leg bone and waist...all the measurements that the sonographer took of the baby. The Podlings all want a copy of the scan picture to take into school tomorrow.

Everything is looking really good with the baby, who was head down today. The baby was remarkably cooperative and didn't actually move much during the scan. Everything is measuring just right for my dates and his/her growth is within the normal range. The estimated weight is currently 3lb 2oz, which is a pretty good weight for almost 29 weeks. To give an idea of how big the baby currently is, his/her femur measured 54.7 mm. I loved getting an extra peak at my littlest Podling and I have another growth scan in the middle of March to look forward to now.

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