Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Big Girl Bed

Emma has been sneaking into our bed every night for weeks and Mark and I keep waking up in the middle of the night, balanced on the edges of the mattress, devoid of covers to find a small person spread out in the middle of the bed. For a small person, Emma manages to take up an awful lot of space in a double bed. Mark and I were becoming somewhat sleep deprived and with the prospect of an even smaller person waking us up in the night in a few months' time, we really needed to find a solution.
Her toddler bed, in addition to becoming too small for a very fidgety sleeper, was not exactly in the best state of repair thanks to an unsanctioned bouncing on the bed incident a little while ago. I had tried my best to patch up the bed, but it left a lot to be desired and I know she wasn't amazingly comfortable in it. Before ordering a new bed for her though, we needed to sort out the sleeping arrangements for after the baby is born.
Emma is currently in the biggest of the children's rooms as we had always planned on having four children, so knew that she would have to share one day. Who she will be sharing with has been the issue for the last few weeks. Lily is currently in the smallest bedroom and I wanted it to be her choice whether she stayed in her own room or moved in with Emma. It had to be her choice as I don't want her to feel that the new baby is kicking her out of her room. Lily has been agonising over the decision for weeks and has finally decided to share a room with Emma. We then had to decide whether we wanted bunk beds or two singles before we spent any money on a new bed for Emma.
After much deliberation, we all decided that two single beds was the way forward, so Emma's new bed was duly ordered. We can't move Lily into the room yet as there is some heavy furniture in Emma's room that needs to be moved out and we can't do that until we can enlist some help. The girls are so excited to move in together though and they keep asking when it will happen! I am so glad Lily chose to share with Emma as they are very close and neither of them like being on their own at night. I think they will have great times together and I know they are very much looking forward to it.
For now, the new bed has made a slight improvement to Emma's sleeping. When she wakes up, she still comes in with us, but she isn't waking up quite as often now that she is in a more comfortable bed. She hasn't been well this week either and her cough is waking her at night. I'm hoping that when she is well again, she will wake up less. I think sharing with Lily will reduce the need to come into our room even further, so there is some hope that I may get her sleeping in her own bed most nights before the new baby arrives to keep me awake all night instead!

Emma looked so tiny in her full size single bed!

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Roberta Fox said...

From what I've read, bad sleeping habits can be caused by bad beds and mattresses. And I guess this is true for both adults and children! That explains why I wake up on a grumpy mood when I sleep in hotels! Anyway, I can see your tactic has worked somewhat, and the new bed for Emma looks adorable! I hope the cough is gone by now. Congratulations on the new baby!

Roberta @ Glendale Mattress Central