Monday, 22 July 2013

Opening Gifts

Emma was tremendously excited about her birthday and had been asking me every night for more than a fortnight 'Is it my birthday when I wake up?' You can imagine her excitement when it actually was her birthday when she woke up! We came straight downstairs to open gifts and she had a wonderful time, stopping to play with many of her presents before opening the next one. She is such a delightful child to buy for because she is so appreciative of everything. She was as delighted with the 50p bouncy ball as she was with her more expensive gifts. Love my sweet girl!

She was much enamoured of her new rainbow fairy costume

A birthday is always an excuse to buy lots of books!

For weeks before her birthday, every time we passed this Cinderella fairytale castle in the shop Emma practically swooned over it, 'OH! I love that castle! I wish I had that castle!' It didn't seem to occur to her that she might get it for her birthday, so she was absolutely over the moon when she opened it. I had assembled it the night before so she could play with it right away and she was one happy little bunny!

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