Sunday, 21 July 2013

Emma is Four

Baby Emma

Emma is four! I can't believe that my littlest Podling is four years old and will be starting school in September. It seems like only yesterday that Emma was making her rather dramatic entrance to the world. Despite her advancing years, she relishes her role as the baby of the family and resists all attempts to be described as a big girl. She insists she is 'still a baby like my cousin Baby Rowan', often devising logical arguments as to why this is so (such as explaining to Mark that because she still has a 'baby seat' in the car instead of the booster seats that Tom and Lily use then she must still be a baby). Her speech is very advanced for her age, so listening to her explaining in beautiful, elegant English why she is a baby is, as you can imagine, rather amusing! She has, however, the sense to admit to being a big girl if she thinks she will benefit from it, such as when I say 'you're too little, that is only for big children' she will normally reply, 'I'm a big girl now Mummy!'.

Emma is such a happy child and continues to find such great delight in the world around her. She chats cheerily all day long (literally from the moment she gets up in the morning until she goes to bed at night!) and has such a beautiful, sunshiny personality. She loves her big brother and sister and has a special bond with Lily. She will do everything that Lily does (this is not always a good thing!) and admires her sister greatly. Lily always has to have her hair done first in the morning so Emma can have the 'the same as Lily'.

Emma has the most wonderful imagination and will sit and play little games with her toys for long periods, although she does prefer me to be nearby. She is a regular water baby and is always asking to play in the sink. Dressing up is still one of her favourite pastimes and she loves books and puzzles. She loves music and can carry a tune incredibly well. She learns new songs very quickly and then starts to make up her own lyrics! She loves dancing, princesses, ponies and just being alive. She is such a happy little soul and brings so much joy to the family.

Happy Birthday to our darling little Emma Bear!
You make every day a delight and we love you very much!

Opening gifts on her fourth birthday

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