Saturday, 13 July 2013

Fairy Dust Fun

Making marks with her fingers. The camera doesn't pick up how pretty this dust is with its fairy sparkle.

Emma had a fabulous time playing with our homemade fairy dust. I coloured some salt pink and added a generous helping of glitter. I poured it on a tray and gave her a few things to make marks with. She started off using her fingers, then drew some pictures with a chop stick. After that she used some wands to make impressions (it is magic fairy dust after all!). Finally she got some of her small pony toys and used it as a landscape for them to play in. I was astonished how much mileage we got out of this simple activity. It is best done somewhere you can clean up easily, but it is well worth the little bit of mess for the enormous amount of fun.

Emma drawing with a chopstick

Emma's drawing of a rocket

Making marks with fairy wands

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