Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Good Clean Fun

With good weather forecast for the foreseeable future, we decided it was time to get all the garden toys cleaned up and ready for lots of play over the summer. While Mark mowed the lawns on Sunday afternoon, the Podlings and I got out the hose and scrubbed the patio, Wendy house, sand table and the Cozy Coupe car. They haven't been cleaned for a while and they live in the garden all year round, so we had our work cut out for us. Lily had a fabulous time hosing all the spiders out of the Wendy house, but once the real work started I quickly found myself on my own! Everything cleaned up much better than I had hoped and the Podlings are now enjoying a clean, spider free Wendy house and clean patio. Now we have to hope that the sun will stay for a while so we can fully enjoy the fruits of our labours.

Lily is shouting "Die spiders!!" here

Cleaning windows is much easier if they don't have glass in them!

Cooling off in the paddling pool

Much better!

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