Wednesday, 17 July 2013

In Which I Bake a Lot of Cakes...

Emma's 'Thank you and Goodbye' cakes for her playgroup teachers

The last week of the school year is usually a busy baking week for me. I like the Podlings to take gifts to their teachers on their last day, but I appreciate the fact that most teachers probably have enough 'World's Best Teacher' mugs without us adding to them. I always like to give fairy cakes because they are consumable, so the teacher doesn't have to find a home for them and I think homemade is so much more personal. I was particularly pleased with the cakes for Tom's teacher this year. It was the first year I have had to make cakes for a male teacher and I didn't think he would appreciate flowers and butterflies! Tom's teacher is in charge of pretty much all the sport in the school and takes the football club that Tom went to after school this year. I was thrilled to find these football-themed cake decorations.

Football cakes for Tom's teacher

Cakes for Lily's teacher

We always give a little gift to the headmistress too

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