Friday, 12 July 2013

Felt Beach Fun

We enjoyed some more beach-themed fun yesterday with this little felt scene I set up on a small table in the lounge. The background, dolphin, clouds and sun are part of our extensive felt storyboard collection, but the rest of it I made yesterday. Emma told me what colour she wanted her fish and starfish to be and I just drew them freehand and cut them out of felt. I suggested she might like to put a few shells on the beach, so she put all the shells on the beach! I think you would need to keep your sandals on on this beach! To finish the play set, I made two mermaid peg dolls for Emma to play with. Emma loves mermaids, so this went down a treat! This little set-up provided lots of entertainment for my imaginative little Emma, so I will leave it there for a few days until she loses interest in it.

A mermaid peg doll with a felt tail

I just painted this peg doll and drew on the scales with a permanant marker. The hair gave me a chance to play with my glue gun, which is always fun! This one was really quick to make and I actually think it is my favourite.

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