Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Emma's Princess Party

Both sets of grandparents were able to join us for Emma's fourth birthday party. Emma wanted a princess party, but I wanted to avoid the whole Disney thing. I was excited to find this lovely princess party range in our local Home Bargains. The matching party range was incredibly cheap and I thought it hit just the right note for a four year old girl's birthday party. I had a lot of fun decorating the cake and fairy cakes to co-ordinate with  it. It all looked so sweet and pretty!

Emma loved her party, though she was really much too busy to eat any food. Once she has opened her presents, it is all about the birthday cake for Emma. She was in her chair in a flash when we told her it was time for cake!

Emma clearly had the most wonderful birthday. You could just see how much she was soaking it all in and enjoying it. When I asked her at the end of the day if she had enjoyed her day, she replied, "It's the best birthday ever!"


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