Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Swim Little Fishy

I had so much fun making PE bags for the Podlings last year that when I found out Tom would be continuing with his school swimming lessons this term I wanted to make a bag for him to take his swimming kit in. I normally cobble things like this together from things I have in my stash, but I was extravagant on this bag and actually bought the fabric. I really wanted something with fish on it since it was going to be a swimming bag. I am completely in love with this nautical sea creatures cotton fabric I found in Hobbycraft. It was exactly what I had in mind.  The bag went together really quickly and I love how it turned out. I really could have done with buying more cord as the drawstring is a little short, but I can always replace that later and it is certainly serviceable for now. Hopefully Tom will like it as much as I do!

The fabric is a 100% cotton quilting fabric called Nautical Sea Creatures by The Henley Studio, Makower UK


Anonymous said...

He will love it, it is fantastic, well done again. Mum.

Lainey said...

The fabric is lovely! You could even make a matching washbag with any offcuts and a waterproof liner.