Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Baby Rowan update

My nephew Rowan. Look at those adorable baby lips and those little ears! I know I'm going to get terribly broody when I meet him...

For those who are interested, little Rowan is now out of hospital and is at home keeping his mummy and daddy awake at all hours! My sister has updated her blog with a short version of his birth story, so I will link to it here so those who are interested can read it. It was a pretty traumatic time for them, but there was a happy ending and that is what matters.

I am so looking forward to meeting my little nephew but I have a really persistent cough and cold that I am struggling to shake off before I can chance going near a newborn. It's driving me nuts...I can't wait to give him a cuddle! Thank you to anyone who said prayers for Rowan whilst he was in hospital. He is a thriving, healthy little boy now and very much loved.

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