Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Christmas Baking

My Christmas cake, sponge for those of us who don't like the traditional heavy fruit cake. 

Hello, remember me? I appreciate that Christmas was now two weeks ago, but I have to play catch up with the blog, so you will have to put up with a few festive posts before I can move on! We spent Christmas at my in-laws' and when I asked if I could bring anything along, they asked me to bring some of my homemade cakes. I made milk chocolate crispy cakes, white chocolate crispy cakes and a dozen fairy cakes (I iced half of them with chocolate buttercream and the other half with vanilla buttercream). I also made a Victoria sponge Christmas cake for those of us who aren't too keen on traditional fruit cake. I had a lot of fun decorating it!

The sponge went down a treat and I have to say I was rather pleased with how it turned out. The photos aren't great, I just snapped them in a hurry as we were in a bit of a rush the last couple days before we left home. Lily had been very ill and I had lots of packing and Christmas preparations to do on top of caring for her. I was rather pleased I managed to squeeze the baking in too as that was definitely the fun part!

I decorated the vanilla fairy cakes with Quality Street chocolates. Soft centres of course! 

I made the Christmas chocolates on top of the chocolate fairy cakes myself. 

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Lainey said...

Love the cake decoration, and the homemade chocolate cupcake decorations! Good work!:)