Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Christmas Day Catch-up

Continuing with the festive catch-up, here are a few photos from Christmas day. My camera doesn't really do indoor photos, but although the pictures are low quality they bring back lovely memories. We had a really lovely Christmas with Mark's family and the Podlings had a wonderful time.

Emma managed to liven the evening up by locking herself in one of the bedrooms and removing the key from the door. We tried to get her to unlock it from her side, but she couldn't manage to get the key back in the keyhole. Mark's dad found a spare key, but couldn't get it to turn in the lock. The bedroom windows were locked from the inside, so we couldn't get in that way either. I was just beginning to calculate the cost of calling out a locksmith late on Christmas Day when my father-in-law realised there was something inside the lock. He unscrewed the door plate and managed to get out the paper that had been stuffed in there (probably by a Podling, let's be honest!). After that it was a simple matter of using the spare key to unlock the door and release the child within! Phew!

I was so proud of Emma because throughout the entire time she was in there she stayed as calm as a cucumber and didn't panic or cry. I was talking to her through the door, but she was so co-operative and very sensible. Good girl! We had a quiet little chat afterwards about not playing with keys and after that we kept the key out of her reach!

The Podlings all love 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson and were thrilled to each receive a chocolate Gruffalo from their Nanna and Grandad for Christmas. Emma was particularly thrilled to be able to tuck into hers straight after breakfast! 

Tom collects Ty Beanies and is particularly fond of the Beanie Ballz. Here he is holding Rascal...the main thing he wanted for Christmas. I love my boy, his wants are simple and few. 

Emma is an incredibly imaginative child and loves to dress up. One of her favourite gifts was this pink princess dress which came with a doll in a matching dress (which she is holding in the photo). She alternated between this and her ballerina dress (another Christmas gift) for the rest of the holidays. Getting her in normal clothes was a struggle!

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