Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Day!!

The severe weather meant that Tom and Lily's school was closed today, which meant a day off for the Podlings. There was naturally much rejoicing! We went out to play in the snow in the morning, but whilst the girls stayed out for a while, Tom lasted barely five minutes before he declared himself too cold and went back indoors. He has never liked being cold!

After lunch we cut snowflakes out of paper whilst we waited for Mark to get home. He was sent home from work early because of the snow, so the afternoon saw the whole family out and playing in the snow. Much fun was had by all, but mostly by Lily who stayed out with Mark long after Tom and Emma had given up and gone indoors. It was so nice to have some extra family time, especially since Mark has been in Brussels all week and we have been missing him. Now we have a lovely weekend to look forward to. I see a snowman in our future...

Daddy has a go on the sledge! 

Tom thought his Beanie Ballz penguin, Avalanche, might enjoy the snow. 

Mark making a snow angel. More of an archangel really, it was quite impressive! 



Lainey said...

I love Mark's snow angel!

I imagine hot chocolates were had by all to warm up.

Paula said...

It had to be done! It will have to be tea tomorrow though as I used up the last of our chocolate powder this afternoon. Calamity!