Thursday, 31 January 2013

Good Luck Geisha

Lily will be performing in her class assembly tomorrow and the poor girl is in a bit of a tizz about it. They have been learning about Japanese culture this term and the assembly will be based on their project. Lily will be dressed as a geisha girl (in her dressing gown with one of my pretty scarves for a sash!) and she has to deliver a line. She suffers rather from stage fright, plus she always gets emotional when she knows I am in the audience. All in all, she is looking on tomorrow morning as a bit of a trauma.

Stage fright notwithstanding, she is in love with all things Japanese this term, so I made her this geisha peg doll this evening (loosely based on the one I found here) to give to her as a good luck talisman tomorrow morning. Since it was rather an impulsive thing, I kept it simple, so it was quite quick to put together. I hope the doll will cheer Lily up enough that she can muster up the courage to get through the assembly without crying. Poor little mite, I do feel for her!


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Lainey said...

Good luck Lily!