Monday, 14 January 2013

A Little Snow...

It started snowing last night, but it really wasn't trying very hard. It snowed again this morning. Proper snow this time, big flakes that looked like real snow, not the tiny grains that were trying to pass for snowflakes last night. I love snow! It makes everything look so fresh and clean and makes the air smell so crisp. I took my camera with me when I collected Emma from playgroup this morning and I took a few photos on our walk home. Lovely, lovely snow!

Sadly, it didn't last. A combination of sun and rain has now turned the snow in the lane to mud and slush and collecting Tom and Lily from school was a far from pleasant experience. It will be worse tomorrow as the slush will freeze overnight, turning the lane into a ice rink. I know from past experience that walking to school in these conditions is not fun. I am not looking forward to it!


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