Friday, 12 October 2012

Tom's School Assembly

Mark, Emma and I attended Tom's school assembly this morning. Tom's class have been learning about evacuees in the Second World War, so the assembly was themed around this. Tom made a rather adorable little evacuee and looked really sweet in his Daddy's flat cap. Tom seemed to enjoy himself more than he usually does at these events, though he had clearly had enough by the end. He is not one to enjoy putting on a performance, but he did really well and even joined in with the singing. He has come a long way since reception, when it was clearly something akin to torture to him to have to sit through these things.

It was a sweet little assembly and the children had obviously worked hard given that they have only been back at school a few weeks. I didn't manage to get any good photos since I had a wriggly three-year old on my lap for the whole assembly, but I did manage to get a little video of the children singing 'Run rabbit, run'. It is songs like these that make Mark and I feel a little outlandish. The pronunciation of 'run', 'gun' and 'fun' have a distinct Northern flavour and we are finding it strange that the children now think that Mark and I sound odd with our Southern accents, since they are now more used to hearing all their teachers and friends!

Tom is third from the right.


Anonymous said...

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Lainey said...

I'm glad Tom is starting to cope with assemblies etc. better.

It's strange with accents,that they grow up around parents with one accent from birth but then adapt to their peers!
One of the reasons we want to move away from Bristol before Little Parasite starts school...