Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hallowe'en E'en

The Podlings were very excited about Halloween this year. It's hard for them not to be when every time you enter a shop you are bombarded with Halloween themed costumes, treats and decorations. I'm not a fan of Halloween, but I like to make the day fun for them, so they don't feel like they are missing out on something all their friends enjoy. I try to have a few rules about it. I like to keep the nasties out of it as much as possible and I tell the Podlings that we can have spooky, but not scary at Halloween. Anything related to the Devil is absolutely out of the question. I won't glorify Satan, even in fun.

At the moment, the Podlings are quite happy with the way we spend Halloween. I fear I may have more battles as they get older, particularly as I won't allow them to go trick or treating, but for now they really enjoy how we spend Halloween. It is basically a day of family fun and treats for the Podlings and they seem to enjoy it a great deal.

The night before Halloween I decorated downstairs with a few balloons and hung their costumes around. I filled their treat baskets with goodies and filled our lounge book basket with some Halloween themed books. The Podlings were incredibly excited to discover all it the following morning with a delight that was entirely disproportionate to amount of time I put in to it. I love to see them so excited!


The 99p broomsticks waiting by the bookcase were a huge hit.

I filled the lounge book basket with appropriate Halloween reading material.

Because the Podlings do not go trick or treating, I give each of them their own treat basket to wake up to on Halloween morning. They are filled with Halloween themed sweets and chocolates and a glow in the dark wand and they also each received a Halloween sticker activity book.

Tom's Mr Tickle toy pretended to be a pumpkin for the duration of Halloween and looked rather funny presiding over the dining room from the radiator.

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