Monday, 8 October 2012

Peveril Castle

On Sunday afternoon we visited Peveril Castle in the Peak District. Overlooking the charming village of Castleton, Peveril Castle is one of the oldest Norman fortresses in the country. Mark drives through Castleton every day on his way to work, so passes Peveril Castle twice a day. We have been to Castleton before, but it was the first time we have made the trek up to the castle.

The keep was built in 1176 by Henry II and is quite petite as keeps go. There isn't much left of the castle other than the keep and the outer walls, but the Podlings had great fun exploring inside the keep and running about on the grass outside. It is a bit of a steep climb to get up there from the village below, but the breathtaking views across the Peak District make the climb well worthwhile. We enjoyed a cup of tea and a biscuit outside the keep before heading back down the hill to enjoy the lovely drive home.

The views across the Peak District were amazing

The castle is flanked on one side by a deep ravine

Emma climbing the stairs inside the keep

I'm not really sure what Lily is doing with her shortbread here!

The Podlings were particularly amused by the sheep grazing on the path up to the castle.

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