Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dress-up Fun

Halloween is in large part about dressing up for the Podlings. They were allowed to pick their costumes based on my 'spooky, not scary' parameter. The Podlings are big fans of the Wizard of Oz, so Lily wanted to be Glinda, the good witch "but in a black dress." Emma wanted to be variously a baby witch or a naughty witch, depending on her mood. Tom wanted to be a skeleton. On my suggesting that that might come under the 'scary' umbrella, he coolly pointed out that he is studying anatomy at school "So I don't think skeletons are scary." Okay, I can't really argue with that one! I tried to discourage the wearing of the mask and he made a rather cute little skeleton. He certainly has the build for it, bless him!

Lily's favourite part of her costume was her cloak. She was sat reading books on the sofa at bedtime in her pink spotty pyjamas and a black cloak! A girl and her cloak are not easily parted!

Tom only consented to one photo in his costume (he's very busy you know!) and unfortunately it turned out a little blurry. He's a cute little skeleton though, isn't he?


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