Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mark's Birthday

Mark's birthday follows hot on the heels of Tom's birthday, so Monday saw the girls and me baking another birthday cake. Although Lily and Emma both helped to make the cake, Lily decorated it on her own. I put the icing on for her and then let her have at my cake decorations. She had fun!

I let Tom and Lily stay up until Mark got home from work and we sang Happy Birthday and watched him open his presents. After the Podlings were all in bed Mark and I had a quiet evening with a take away. Mark was in the middle of a tight work deadline on his birthday, so he wasn't really able to fully relax and enjoy it. We hope to be able to give him an official birthday (like the Queen!) soon as the Podlings were most put out at the lack of a party tea! He did get a nice cake though!

Lily decorating her Daddy's birthday cake

Mark's birthday cake, lovingly made and decorated by the ladies in his life! A Victoria sponge, sandwiched with buttercream and my homemade strawberry jam. It was delicious! 

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Lainey said...

I think Lily's decorating turned out rather well!

I hope Mark gets to enjoy a relaxing official birthday soon.