Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tom's 8th Birthday

A few blurry photos of Tom opening his gifts on the morning of his birthday. We got up extra early so that he had time to open them before school. He had many lovely gifts, but his favourites were the stuffed bees and ladybirds he had hoped for. For a little boy who was never interested in cuddly toys, he has really taken to them in the last year or so. Ever since he brought his favourite toy (a ladybird called Be Mine) back from the school autumn fayre last year he has been keen to collect more. Other favourite presents included the child's camera from us and the toy keyboard from his Nanna and Grandad.

A big hit was the 'Ghost Hunt' game given to him by my sister and brother-in-law. You have to play it in the dark and the toy projects images of ghosts randomly about the room. You then have to shoot them with the gun, which registers how many ghosts you get. Poor Jacob (Tom's friend) was most upset that he didn't get a chance to play it on Tom's birthday, but the party ended before it got dark enough. The Podlings love it and we have promised Tom's two best friends that they can come in to play one evening once the clocks go back and it gets darker earlier. Thank you to Elaine and Gareth for that one...they picked a winner once again!

Tom had a really lovely birthday. His Nanna and Grandad were able to join us for the afternoon and his two best friends came to play after school and stayed for a party tea. Mark was able to get home from work early so he could join us for the tea and birthday cake. A few games of 'Ghost Hunt' and some Looney Toons cartoons before bedtime really finished the day off for Tom and he went to bed a very happy little boy.

Tom's favourite present, the 'Bee Baby' as he calls him.

Opening presents with Looney Toons cartoons in the background. Tom's idea of heaven!

Tom opening his 'main' present from us, a child's camera.

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Lainey said...

Glad the Ghost game went down well! Of course, I had make sure it worked first, so I can attest for it's gameplay satisfaction :)