Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sports Day

This morning, Emma and I got to watch Tom and Lily in their school sports day. I completely messed up and thought that the sports day was tomorrow afternoon. I turned up at the school to drop the Podlings off this morning only to find that sports day was starting in half an hour! I rushed back home to grab my camera and some snacks for Emma and raced back up the hill to the school. By the time I got back to the school, I felt rather like I had taken part in sports day myself!

Tom and Lily both seemed to really enjoy taking part in the day and although they generally came towards the end of the races, neither of them seemed bothered in the slightest. Tom, in particular, always looks like he is having a great time and really couldn't care in the slightest which position he finishes in...he's so sweet! Lily really gave it her all and I was very proud of her for trying so hard in her first sports day.

Well Done Tom and Lily, we are very proud of you both!

Waiting to race

I love Tom's smile in this race. He is not remotely competitive!

I love that Lily can still look straight at the camera and smile, even in the middle of a race! 

 Lily really threw herself into the sprint and was doing so well, but just ran out of steam towards the end. The school are so good at not making a big thing about who wins and loses. The children all seem to just be having fun, which is so nice to see.

My darling boy came last in just about every race and had such a great time. He really just enjoys taking part. Love him!

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Hollace said...

What adorable kids with enthusiasm. I hope they never change!