Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Smiley, happy Podlings

In a rare moment of co-operation, the Podlings all sat together on the stairs as we were getting ready for school this morning and Lily asked me to take a photo. I actually have a picture of all three children looking at the camera and smiling at the same time!! Lily was extremely excited this morning as her class are going on a visit to the Blue Planet aquarium today and she has been looking forward to it for weeks.

I feel the need to point out that I did  tidy up their hair before sending them off to school, though there isn't usually much I can do about Tom's curls. Some days they behave, some days they don't!


Hollace said...

Darling, beautiful children. Aren't those harmonious moments wonderful? I'm so glad you got a picture of it: how cute of your daughter to recognize the moment, too.

Paula said...

It is wonderful when they all get along. I generally find that any two of them will play together happily, but moments with all three are rarer.

Lily can be surprisingly perceptive for her age. It catches me by surprise as it makes me realise how fast she is growing up.