Wednesday, 6 July 2011

In which Emma fails to co-operate!

Emma has been able to recognise and name shapes for a little while now (square, circle, triangle, heart, star and flower). We were drawing together this morning and Emma was happily naming all the shapes I drew for her. I suddenly thought 'Oh, the grandparents would love to hear this', so I grabbed the camera and started which point Emma stopped co-operating! I know that the grandparents love to see the outtakes too so I thought I'd share the videos anyway. In the first video she is too distracted by the camera to pay any attention to the shapes...

In this second video she seems inclined to co-operate to start with and then gets distracted by a noisy wood pigeon in the garden. She spends the rest of the time trying to copy the pigeon...

Never work with children or animals!

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