Thursday, 21 July 2011

Snug as a bug

So what was it that put that beam on her face?

What was Emma's favourite present? Well, she loved the trampoline of course, the colouring pens were popular and the Weeble treehouse was a big hit, but I would say her favourite present was this...

New bedding! All laid out with new birthday pyjamas.

We have recently discovered that Emma sleeps a lot better without her baby sleeping bag on, so she has been going to bed with a sheet and blankets over her for a couple of weeks now. However, she loves to snuggle down under the duvets on all the other beds, so for her birthday we gave her a duvet of her very own, with a pretty red gingham duvet cover, pillowcase and matching scatter cushions to complete the look. To say she was pleased is somewhat understating the case! She spent quite a while just rearranging her scatter cushions and playing at being asleep and when it actually came to bedtime I've never known her so keen to go to bed. She wasn't even interested in a mummy cuddle tonight, it was straight to bed to snuggle down under her very own duvet. I hope she is as keen to go bed every evening and, more importantly stays asleep all night!

Playing at being asleep. She actually sleeps on her side with a dummy in her mouth and her muslin cuddled up by her face. My little angel...I could eat her!

Baby loves her bedding!

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