Monday, 5 March 2007

Cleanliness is next to...impossible!

How to get ready for an Estate Agent

Part 1 - The kitchen:

1. Meticulously clean and scrub kitchen so that it will look its shining best in the marketing pictures
2. Be momentarily distracted by toddler whilst feeding baby breakfast.
3. Return to find that baby's arms are longer than you thought.
4. Clean baby's breakfast off baby, highchair, shelves, kitchen cupboards and half the kitchen floor.
5. Resolve not to be so stupid next time!

Part 2 - The living room

1. Tidy, clean, hoover entire living room.
2. Pick up baby.
3. Change outfit when said baby vomits all over you.
4. Having cleaned up self and baby, put baby on floor.
5. Clean up carpet when baby then throws breakfast up all over the floor.

Despite the extra work created by a certain little lady, I did manage to get the house looking quite nice for the marketing pictures. I just wish it looked that nice all the time!

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