Monday, 19 March 2007

Mother's Day

Yesterday marked my third Mother's Day, though my first as a mother of two. I actually found out I was expecting Tom on Mother's Day 2004, so the day is particularly special for me. In honour of the day, we met up with my mum and dad and spent the afternoon at Plymouth Marine Aquarium. I knew the Podlings would both enjoy it, but I particularly wanted to take Lily while she was still tiny. We took Tom for the first time when he was about eight months old and he was absolutely fascinated. Sure enough, Lily was completely entranced by the place, particularly by the large tanks. We held her close to the glass and she tried to touch each fish as it swam past. She really wanted to get in the tanks with them. There was a large eel in one of the tanks that wanted Lily in there too...I think it was sizing her up for dinner as it came right up close to her and was watching her quite intently.

Lily had a really wonderful time. Tom enjoyed it too, but being that bit older he got bored quicker and started counting chairs in preference to fish watching. I think he was a bit frightened of some of the very big fish. To be fair, some of them were very, very ugly and I might be a bit frightened too if I were only a couple of feet high! Sadly, I didn't get any decent pictures of the visit as you can't use flash in the aquarium, so all my photos came out blurry.

After watching fish all afternoon, we then wandered down to the Barbican and ate some. You can't go to the Barbican and not have fish and chips now can you?!

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